I am so excited to be sharing this with you all, This year I will be focusing on completing my course in Brow feathering and introducing this amazing treatment at NAKISA for all my brow lovers.

Brow Feathering is a manual microblading technique that ensures perfect natural looking brows. This technique is best for those seeking a flawless and a realistic looking result. 
This Feather Brow technique is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. It involves the drawing of each individual hair stroke until desired fullness of the eyebrow is created. 

Agent Mystery Case

Thank you Rachel Case of Agent Mystery Case for such a positive feedback.

She said “A free consult a couple of days out from the event, picked up the fact that my daughter’s brows needed some attention. Truth of the matter, we just hadn’t gone there and I honestly had no idea my daughter who wears minimal makeup and is rather low maintenance in the beauty department had any interest. Unlike me at that age, she wasn’t sporting a mono brow.  So, when Nakisa suggested neatening Beth’s brows up before the event and my daughter’s eyes went wide with excitement, I thought why the hell not. The results were amazing.”

Thank you Rachel for your kind words.

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