Body Waxing

Growing up in a household with 5 Persian women meant a beautician was always needed! Thick, dark hair and high beauty standards meant that it wasn’t always easy to find a solution that met our needs. From a young age, I became the household’s beautician, makeup artist and hairdresser. And I loved it.

It was here that I developed a deep passion for art and beauty. Perfecting my sisters’ eyebrows became an obsession, and while I know it may sound intense, shaping eyebrows was truly like an art for me.

As the perfectionist I am, I wanted to be an absolute expert in my field and advance my knowledge in health and beauty. In 2008, I started my journey and graduated from the WA Institute of Beauty Therapy and commenced work at one of Western Australia’s well-known salons before relocating to Melbourne to continue working in the beauty industry.

In 2010, I continued to follow my passion and started working as a senior brow stylist at the Benefit Bar in Chadstone, Melbourne. Within a year I had mastered my skills and started to work on my own business. Years later, I still feel the same sense of satisfaction when I see the confidence on my clients’ face as they look in the mirror at the end of their appointment.

I am so proud of the journey it has taken to open Nakisa, and I can’t wait to welcome you into this beautiful salon.